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You are coming down with me,

hand in unlovable hand.

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I participate in the YAB project. I just post the pictures I have and spread the word that people are beautiful. Everything is beautiful. I'm here to share ideas, thoughs, and discuss this project, if you so choose.

"The main goal of this project is to spread a positive message throughout the world by any means necessary except through commerical use. We are extremely open and interested with collaborating with individuals and groups. Anyone is welcome, there is no age or skill level necessary. The project is as inclusive as the message."

If you choose to also participate, there are some rules to follow;
1. You do not sell what you make.
2. You do not make any products, even given away free of charge, that could potentially commodify the message. (such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.)
3. Be respectful with your installations.

PS. I would love to know who's watching. I am hopefully in your town, your city, your country, your continent. There's beauty all around.
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